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My name is Olga Sapp. I am a producer and an editor of Russian Women Magzine. I have been living in USA for 12 years. My husband is American. Back in my homeland I was a journalist, and due to all of those circumstances I decided to create a magazine for Russian women living abroad. I wanted to help women to find themselves in a changing world. It does not mean that I know everything about this world myself, but to become stronger we Russian women need to be united. Now Russian site numbers nearly 900 pages.

Although, I never stopped thinking about our loving husbands and all those American men who are looking for love, and that is why I created English version of the magazine. I was not alone at this. I received a lot of support. First of all it was my dear husband Warren Sapp who helped me to start the web-site, his advices are always very valuable. Elena Petrova the Elena Models owner, encouraged me to start my journey in Internet. My sister Marina Garcia wrote stories and helped with other necessary work. Interpreter Pavlina Moore translated a lot of stories for English edition. Designer and artist Anastasia Phostiropulo created the wonderful logo and designed the firt page of the site. Irina Notarian assisted me with the work on the site. Zina Fitherald holds all work in our dating services. I also want to name the authors of the stories James Mackintosh, Vica Vinogradova, Natalia Tkachenko, Marina K. Schei, Gulnara Elrod. I want to thank all of them for their gratuitous support.

What is the English version of the magazine? First it was based on stories from Russian edition. However, this work still needs to be done. In Russian edition we have hundreds of stories and in English - just a little part of it. Fortunately, we received many stories, articles and letters, written in English. You can find these stories in the following indexes: Love Stories, New Life, Discover Russia, Amazing Women, Opinions.

After publishing stories we received many letters in which people asked for help and advice. So, we realized that we need to create services: Translation, Dating Advice, Ads. Legal Advice, Photo Album. E-mail women .

You can find a lot of useful information in following indexes: Phone Calls, Russian women, Learn Russian, Best dating sites, Links.

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I hope you will enjoy this site and find here a lot of helpful information.

Olga Sapp, publisher

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