Can you really fall in love without meeting that person?

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Whatever you like it or not, but more and more people today are looking for love online. This is the fastest growing way to meet potential partner. What do people like about it?

  • It’s as easy as  two and two is four.
  • One  can be just who they want to be.
  • People are more open and willing to  take risks that they would never think of taking in real world.

But can you really fall in love without meeting that person? People all over the net were asked this question. Here the results of the poll.

  • 20%  of them  said “No”
  • 30% said  “Yes”
  • 50% still doubt

Here what “NO” people say:

  • …Not if you have a brain in your  head. That “charming young girl” could be a middle-aged policeman.  That “fellow high  schooler”  could be twice your age…
  • …you could be happy with the words they type but you cannot really know them!...
  • …No. People can spin you all kind of bull s***t over  the net. Don’t fall for it.
  • …No way. Love is about connecting with someone on all different levels. It’s about feeling, seeing, smelling them that make you fall in love with someone, and how they look at you and respond to you, which you don’t get online.
  • …It’s not real love…You can’t look into their eyes and so their soul…
  • …You need to have a real connection, not a virtual one. …You can’t even read their body language if they’re telling you the truth!
  • …No. Real love. No Way. Maybe the person just in love with the video of being in love.
  • …Impossible! …you need to have a certain chemistry, this only  involves  through meeting them and spending time getting to know them…

People who answered “Yes” believe:

  • …Yes, you could! Definitely!
  • …Yes, it happened to me twice.
  • …Yes, you can, but it’s dangerous.
  • …Definitely! Love happens. It’s not calculations. It’s just a free flowing feeling.
  • …Yes, you can feel strong and real love and attraction. Many,  many  people do.
  • …I did, but it turned out bad… If you are, then you should be careful. Trust me. You don’t want to feel what I went through… However, I’m sure there are loads of sincere, lovely people out there….So I would not give up.
  • …I don’t know about actually falling in love online, but you can become very attracted to the person, care about them, and perhaps after you meet them, maybe.
  • …Yes!  If you talk to them on the phone, too. I did and I’m married to him.
  • …Yes, the reason is you are connected to the person on a mental level which is far deeper than the physical and where the true love resides.

It is said that “To fall in love, you must meet someone in four levels: psychologically, emotionally, intellectually and physically.  And the more of the levels you meet on, the better your relationship will last the test of time”.  Using this as a marker it should be possible to fall in love on the Internet. However, the question we must ask is: what is the truth of it?
OK. You can talk to the person on the phone or online for hours and think you know all about them. But do you really know them? Could they be hiding some awful secret?

Is she forgetting to tell you that she is talking to six other men online? Did he happen to mention he really wants  to meet you (for sex only)? Oh, did he NOT mention that he has a wife and 3 kids?

So, guys, you see, a lot of good and bad things could happen out there. Let me give you a couple of tips:

  • Do not get involved too quickly. You can get caught up in the fantasy of this person. Or you can  fall in love with the image the person projects. The person you love online is likely to be quite different in flesh.
  • It is always wise to save “the final verdict” for meeting in real life.  You could feel a strong connection with someone and possibly build up a friendship, what will hopefully lead to love when you meet.  There is no substitute  for actual meeting face-to-face!

And you?  Can you really fall in love without meeting that person? Please, write to me and share your thoughts at natalia.harness@gmail.com.

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