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Russian women looking for western men are not the only dreamers who are not facing reality but also many western men who are looking for Russian women.

By the time you can make ends
meet, they move the ends

It is a very well known fact that Russian women, who are looking to find a husband, are very big dreamers. They are looking for their prince and if they cannot find and meet him in their own country will begin to look for him in the land of milk and honey, the Western world.

They are looking for a prince who can make their dreams come true; who will love them to death; call her a princess and from time to time will give her a “champagne bath”.

If you laugh after you read the last phrase, don’t. I am as serious as a heart attack. What I have just written in the previous paragraph, is a very truthful picture of the expectations most Russian women have who are looking for their Western prince.

These Russian women are not the only dreamers who are not facing reality but also many western men who are looking for Russian women. Why?

Because a large majority of western men seek women who are willing to stay at home. A woman who will take care of her husband and kids. Western men are tired of the feminism movement and the independency of women from their own country and are trying to find peace for their soul in the arms of a Russian, “family oriented” woman.

Here is an interesting fact! With the cost of living increasingly getting more and more expensive, the time when a family can survive with only the husband’s salary is gone forever! More and more women have to work to help make ends meet. With that in mind here is an interesting question :

Do all men, who are looking for a Russian women, have an income greater than the average married western man, who can hardly make meet ends, even though there is a working wife or, are these men just big dreamers?

Do these men dream about the perfect family with dinner on the table every night, made by his Russian wife-housekeeper?

Do they have a financial base that allows them to build a family with only his income or, are they dreamers without any connection to reality?

I understand that it is a difficult world to live in without dreams but when we are talking about relocating a woman from another country then at least one of the partners has to be a realistic and down to earth person.
Preferably, her future husband.


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