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I am a thirty seven year old single man from Queensland in Australia. At the insistence of a colleague, I first commenced perusing a broad variety of e-personal introduction agencies and web sites containing lifestyle articles regarding women from countries of the FSU about eight months ago. My ongoing search for information on Russian women which has led me to your Russian women magazine site here today, where I have encountered the articles by Elena and Olga and taken the time to carefully read through them both.

I suppose I am writing now in order to express my gratitude and observations as much as anything. Perhaps my observations will be of some assistance to someone to consider, I could not know. If they are, I can assure any reader that my observations are perceptive, accurate and valid.

I have two university degrees, one in international business and another in law and I studied law with my colleague who is a similar age as I. He also holds a psychology degree and is married to a Russian lady who studied here in Australia to become a dentist. They have two children and are a very happy family together. Indeed, he once told me that in their twelve years together they have never had so much as a single argument, which is extraordinary to say the very least in this post-feminist materialistic and vain nightmare into which Australian society today has followed America.

My friend is aware that I am unhappy with the manner in which women in this country, and is aware how very difficult it is to find a woman with the personal qualities that both he and I also hold dear. He assured me that despite what we see all about us on a daily basis, that all that we grew up with which is today fast being lost to Australian society were still very much alive and well in the countries of the FSU. Although I was somewhat skeptical at first he insisted that I take the time to inquire after the information available online and take the notion of a Russian partner seriously, which thanks to Elena's articles and various other testimonials I very much do today.

Elena's writings about the difference in culture and the importance of interpersonal communication are aspects of prospective international marriages that I feel cannot be amplified enough. Having been a successful student of differing cultures and global business and management practices, much of what she writes stands out to me and draws on the same principals and observations being taught in universities here in order to establish successful multinational business relationships. I suppose, unlike many readers, I am advantaged in having attained such knowledge and in possessing an appropriate world view as I do, but what has pleased me is seeing someone write about such topics as Elena has with such a degree of accuracy which appears to draw mainly from life experience, not just some text book.

Her expose' of the media's continued stereotyping of these women as "mail order" items which imports the connotation of something less than normal was also highly valid and constructively critical. I feel these articles are extremely valuable for men such as myself who have begun their quest to find someone with whom they can share their lives properly, and in a manner similar to how our parents lived and brought us up. For those men like myself who feel this, it is this quality of life that we now wish to replicate for ourselves in a stable and loving family environment of our own. For us, who are conscious of the degradation of the morals and values of so many Australians these days, what was once an easily attainable life role today seems so unnecessarily complicated that it is beyond reach with a woman from our country. People often look at me and as, why I am not married at my age. With reasonable looks height, a muscular body type and stable disposition education and employment, most of the people who make this inquiry of me cannot comprehend my answers when I tell them that I've been unable to find a good woman with a life long view of relationships, who would be a good mother to the children I would dearly love to have. They simply cannot understand why a man such as I cannot find someone with the traditional attributes of our parents that I reiterate to them.

But my colleague with his happy Russian family smiles, for he knows better and understand my dilemma. He sees me as being in a similar position as he once was, and knows what I feel and yearn for, and why the changes in Australian society that have occurred over the last twenty years have made it nigh impossible to find what I and a proportion of other men yearn for in this country. It is truly terrible what rampant feminism has don't to relations between men and women in this country.

So yes as Elena says, I too am very proud of what she is doing. Her writings have assisted me to expand my understanding of the Russian culture and the personal situation of the women that I may encounter there immensely. While I have not actively sought to communicate with any of the ladies that I view through the various web sites that I visit but would like to do so in the near future though. I'm sure, that someone somewhere will value what they find in me, and all the information I have gleaned from writings such as Elena's will prove invaluable in ensuring that any inter cultural dissonance with the ladies I am yet to meet, is kept to a minimum and provide me with the best opportunity to find happiness that could be had. Indeed, if it were legal advice, the specialized information content of these articles would be highly valued, and cost the recipient many thousands of dollars.

Once I did a bad thing,
and that I heard about forever

But twice I did a good thing,
and that I heard about never

So once again, thank you, all of you, for all you have done to assist us in our quest for happiness. For all the good deeds that go on in the world that go unrecognized each day, I have expressly taken the time today to express my appreciation in this small way today.

Kind regards

Gregory King

March, 2003


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