Questions about dating a Russian woman

Olga Sapp, a Russian Women Magazine owner answers questions about choosing, corresponding and meeting a Russian woman.

What a Russian woman expects in a husband?

Online datingQ: Can you give me some details of what a Russian woman expects in a husband.

A: A Russian woman doesn't differ so much from any other woman. Now days mostly of them are looking for a Western type of family. It means that they are independent and they value an equal partnership with a man. Like any normal woman a Russian woman dreams of a responsible and caring man. Every woman is different, but Russian women share common cultural background. When you marry a Russian woman it means, she will be completely new in your country. So, it might be a good idea to educate yourself on Russian women.

My suggestion is:

  1. Read some books about dating and marrying a Russian woman. Recently I published my eBook. It is Real live stories of real people who had real experience in a Russian-Western marriage: 10 things to think when thinking about a Russian wife. You can choose any of these books and eBooks. I have a whole list of them on this page. I am sure you will get an idea.
  2. Try to picture a type of woman you would like to meet. You can place an add or profile on dating sites or in my magazine. Just honestly describe yourself and your dream of a perfect woman.

Why she is not responding?

Q: Dating is simply very frustrating. I simply just don't meet that many single women. We all seek love but for some of us it doesn't come easily. I'm 45. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life and do not want to wait forever or never. I did get an email through Elena's agency. This woman did send me her email address (she made first contact), phone, etc which I responded to within two days, its been a week but nothing has come back from her in response to mine. I don't know about the reliability of email in Russia. I sent a 2nd email that was very short, asking if she received the first email after reading an article that email isn't as reliable in Russia. I had a return receipt but nothing has happened. I am not sure what to do next as I've simply waited for a response. Is there an answer to any of this? Am I just completely stupid about women in general? Probably.

A: There might be several answers:

  1. She might not have an Internet access at home and she using Internet Cafe or computer at work. In some places in Russia it is still not very affordable. Give her some more time to response.
  2. She might not be serious about dating. Dating online is a hard work (building a proper image of yourself, answering letters, trying to understand what the other person wants etc) and not many people realize that at the first place.
  3. She might simply is not interested in you. It dosen't not mean perhaps that you are not an interesting man, but sometimes people just do not mach. May be you need to change your tactic? Instead of choosing a women let them to choose you. Check out our ad page.

Is it a good thing to go on a tour?

Q: I'm wondering what is the best approach to dating Russian women. Is it finding one woman, then emailing her over a period of many months and then organizing a visit to her country with the hope that something will happen or just organizing a tour visit and hope to meet and find someone you can be with on the tour!

A: Yes, it is better to find one women and see if your a relationship will grow during correspondence, then to go and meet her. If you go on a tour it will be hard to focus on one woman. Just imagine yourself surrounded by hundreds women that all want to attract your attention. You will have to pick one, but in the end, you wont really know her until you have either communicated to each other for a long time or until you marry her, at which time it may be to late to change your mind.

How can I meet Russian woman in USA?

Q; I made two trips to Russia, but I just didn't have the connection with the girl whom I'd been writing and calling - after we were able to spend time together. Also, I'm not one to fall in love quickly, and I just couldn't afford the trips it would take to spend enough time with a woman there to not just let love blossom, but to grow and develop. The other wonderful news is that I now have legal custody of my daughter and I simply can't leave her to travel abroad.

But, after living 10 years in Europe - I've found that I both need and want more cultural depth and experience than I find in American women. But there's more to it than that - it's just hard to put into words. Nearly every time I date someone America, I end up with that funny feeling inside that something - something important - is missing.

That brings me to why I'm writing. After several years in this business, you must have considerable contacts with Former Soviet women who decided to stay in America after they divorced. I wonder if you know of any single women living in Indiana who might be interested in dating or if you can direct me to a web site or someone who might be able to help me?

A: Yes, you might meet divorced Russian woman in USA, but keep in mind:

  1. Now she has more experience in marriage with American man and will not be so easy in starting a new relationship.
  2. She spend sometimes in America and this made her more Americanized. This means that she might changed her "true Russian wife's" values.

However, there are a lot of Russian women who are suffering from loneliest in a new country and are desperate to meet a true love. Here are several sources to meet Russian woman in America:

  1. Our ad page. Remember, this magazine is read by thousands Russian women that live in America.
  2. Some Russian dating agencies, that publish profiles of Russian women living in different countries, such as Elena's Models. You just need to specify your search.
  3. Online personals. There are a lot of Russian women out of there.
  4. Russian stores, Russian churches and other places where Russia immigrants meet.

Q: I’d love to meet and date a Russian woman but I don’t know if there are any in my area. I live in San Antonio, TX which I do not think has a very large Russian immigrant population. Do you know of any Russian women in my area?

A: I don’t know about San Antonio, but I have a lots of Russian friends in Dallas area. You will be amazed, Russians live everywhere. If you wish place your ad in our magazine..

Does she really need money?

Q: I met a Russian woman via the internet. She lives in Cheboksary. She does not have a computer and uses an Internet Cafe. She tells me that she needs $100.00 to keep up the subscription. Does this sound right? I am planning on meeting her in Moscow in November. She also has asked for train fare of $150.00 Thanks for your advice

A: Yes, she might need this money for internet cafe and public transportation. However, money issue is a very delicate subject. For most Russian women it is very uncomfortable to ask for money from a person she knows only virtually. When I corresponded with my husband, I hesitated to ask him for money. I had to pay about $1 per half an hour for Internet connection at the Internet-cafe. Anyway, instead of asking money from my future husband I borrowed some from my friend. It was my investment in my future happiness.

Q: I have been communicating with a lady in Russia for quite some time. She lives in Yoshkar-Ola. In addition to our communication, she has indicated to me she wishes to travel to the US and meet. We would like to marry. Here is my problem. She has told me she has obtained a tourist visa and will travel to the US, as soon as possible. She has asked me to send $800.00 to pay for air fare. I told her I would arrange her travel plans with the airlines and have a ticket waiting for her at the airport in Moscow. She has told me her mother has said she may not go to Moscow without a ticket in hand and requests I wire the money directly to her via Western Union. I have read about scammers and I do not want to just lose $800.00. The thing that really got me thinking was, when I asked her where she obtained her visa she told me she obtained it at her embassy. I thought US Visa was issued through the US Embassy. Can you please help me??

A: She must apply for visa only in American Consulate. As you can see from this page, there is no American consulate in Yoshkar-Ola: In addition, there is very difficult for Russians to get tourist visa in US. The only way to meet your girlfriend is to go to Russia.

When you sent money to a woman you don't know personally, you are risking to lose this money.

Is she a scamer?

Q: I have been writing to a woman in Russia. She says she needs money for solvency. She says she has a b2 visa and that she wants to meet, but she needs $500 for solvency. She says that when she arrives she will give it back to me. Is this true? I know in my gut this is a scam.

A: Lets try to think logically.

  1. She already has a visa. In the US embassy in Russia they give visitors visa only to a person who can give a proof that her/his salary is good enough to afford a trip to the USA.
  2. She has to pay around a for the visa. The ticket to USA cost about $2000. So, if she has money to buy a ticket then why does she need $500? To buy a suite case? Does she really want to pay you this money back?

If I were her I would never do this because I have already spent all this money to see you! I would expect you to be a gentlemen and forgive me this little debt. Talk to your sweet heart, tell her about your doubts. If she is your real love, she will understand.

Is it a reliable agency?

Question: I know that you recommend Elena's Models as a great service, but I have a question about . What is your experience with this site? Are they reliable and dependable? Please let me know.

Answer: AnastasiaWeb has been in business for a long time. Now it is one of the largest Russian dating network. I don't have much to add to what I already wrote here.

Q: Guestion: I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. I am a member of a website called Lovers Planet. I am looking for a Russian/Eastern European bride. I want to know if Lovers Planet is a legitimate marriage agency. I don't see any anti-scam logos on their website, and this makes me a little concerned as many of the marriage sites that I have visited have all kinds of anti-scam logos/companies, etc. I sent Lovers Planet an email two days ago asking several questions but I have yet to receive a response. Namely, what is their physical address? I have no idea where they are located. What is their phone number? Who is the president and can I contact him/her? How long have they been in business? And they are not listed on the "Legitimate Marriage Agencies" website. I am very concerned about these things. Basically, I'm hoping you can answer some of these questions for me, or at least direct me to a site where I can get information about Lovers Planet.

A: I don't know much about this site. I don't think that they are scammers, but I wouldn't suggest any one to pay money to anonyms. There is no an owner name at the site pages, there is no company mailing address. May be it is just me, but I prefer to work with real people.

How to avoid scam?

Q: There are so many dating sites on the Internet. How do I know whish one is a legitimate marriage agency?

A: Now days anyone can start dating bussines, but not all people in that bussines are honest. Let me give you some tips how to check any site.

  1. Type a site name in Google search box and add the word scam. You might find interesting facts about the site.
  2. Then find the site owner. There are some sites that can do it for free. Check this one: http://www.register.com go to 'Get a domain' and choose 'Who is lookup'

Q: I have had much experience with Russian and Ukrainian women first hand and on the Internet. There are far more scammers than legitimate women. The agencies over in the Ukraine (I was there for ten weeks last summer). Control everything--meeting the women, interpreting, and where to travel too. My main question is how to get away from the hype about these women and see the truth. How to separate the real women who seek true romance and marriage from the scammers who only wants money? I visited dating web sites who seemed more interested in your membership and less on genuine women. I think 90% were scammers. I went to three social last year in the Ukraine with a agency and not one man on the tour got engaged. Thee women may have traditional values but they have western taste and deceptions unique to themselves. Have you noticed that all of them ca,, themselves princesses. I dated about 12 women last year and most of them do not live in their own homes. I have a two friends who have become very cynical about these agencies and women there.

A: I am sorry to hear you being scammed. Unfortunately, I don't know details. So I will answer in general.
There is always the risk of being scammed, and your chances increase if:

  1. You’re 50 years old and want to get married to a 20 year old Russian girl. Here you must be prepared for unpleasant surprises.
  2. You have a whirlwind relationship with a Russian beauty without a longer term process (as a foundation) to build trust and mutual understanding.

Of course you must exercise caution when dealing with your newfound interest. You should try to get to know her on a deeper level; but also you shouldn't’t be paranoid about scammers. You will never find a wife using the Internet with a negative and too cautionary attitude.

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