First year in America

How you can help your Russian wife during her first year in America?

Things from the experience you can explain to your Russian fiancee when she arrives to the USA and tips for a happy marriage

1. If your Russian bride arrives to the city you don't live in, go meet her there. Don't let her go through connection flights alone. Remember: this might be her first international flight and she doesn't know how to get around huge airports. Make her first day in America easy, romantic and full of love.

2. Buy her some flowers and champagne. Russian girls love flowers and champagne. If she is still not in love with you she will be after this generous and romantic move.

3. Clean your house. Don't bring her to the messy bachelor dump full of dirty dishes and dust. Find something else for her to do in her first days in America instead of cleaning your house.

4. Teach her all about your home thermostat, for most Russian people this will be the first time that they have ever seen a thermostat. You must explain that when the air conditioner or heat is on the windows and doors should be shut. Summer in Russia is short, so Russian people don't have air conditioners. For winter they use the central heat that is managed by the city. Heat is not expensive, so if it’s getting too hot in apartments, Russian people just open windows.

5. If she didn't have a microwave oven in Russia, teach her how to use it. First you must explain to never put anything metal or in the aluminum foil in the microwave.

6. If you have an electric stove verses gas, you must explain to her how to use it properly. She will want to use the stove on a high heat all the time, and it will take her a while to get used to cooking on an electric stove. If you are lucky enough to have gas appliances, you are ahead of the game. Most Russian people are accustomed to use the gas stoves.

7. You must explain to her different cuts of beef for cooking. What kind of meat is for grilling, different kinds of roast, and the different hamburger meats, soon she will be doing the grocery shopping by herself and you do not want her to come home with the cheapest beef at the market for good taste. Pork and chicken are about the same in their country.

8. If you have any favorite foods or recipes, you must give her a recipe and teach her how to cook it, especially breakfast, very few Europeans eat breakfast like the Americans do. That will be one thing that she will worry about, preparing food that you will enjoy.

9. Do not forget, they are not used to American prices at all, so if take them shopping, do not take them to Bloomingdale's the first time. I would recommend to take her shopping and explain to her about the different shops and shopping in the USA.

10. Do not forget Russian people dress very different from Americans; they don't dress as sloppy as we dress. It will probably take several months before your wife gets Americanized and dresses the way American do. She will want to dress for Sunday anytime she goes out of your house.

11. Take her to the store and buy necessary things for her personal needs. Remember that plugs in Russian and America are different and she won't be able to use her hairdryer, so she will need a new one. Usually Russian women are accustomed to wear nice clothes and don't have a lot of simple comfortable shirts and shorts to wear in hot American summer.

12. If she is not working give her money to keep in her pocket, most Russian women are very proud and do not like to ask for money.

13. Buy her a phone card, so she can call home and talk to her family with a cost of a few cents per minute. You can find all kind of cards at Pay less for your phone calls.

14. Set up your computer to the Russian font, so she can sent letters to her family and friends. How to do this? Just go to Start- Settings- Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Languages - Details. Choose Russian and click OK. Then click Key Setting - Actions and choose Switch between input language - LeftAlt+Shift, click OK. This instructions is for Windows XP.

15. Buy her Russian stickers or keyboard that are available at eBay! They have the best prices on the net. Just click on eBay! any type ‘Russian keyboard’ in What are you looking for? field.

16. Give her the address of our Friends page, so she can find Russian friends in your area. All she needs to do is send an ad (no more than 100 characters) with her name, e-mail address, city and state. Or do it yourself and the ad will be translated into Russian. All ads on this particular page are free of charge.

17. If you marry her, do all the necessary work to adjust her status. Go to the U. S.Citizenship and Immigration Services and apply for all necessary papers.

18. Enroll her in college to learn English as a second language. If the college at your place is not available check nearest high schools, churches or libraries. At least use this very helpful link English as Second Language, Rosetta Stone, English4Today.

19. Try to learn Russian. Even if you learn some words and able to talk just a little, it will impress her. Here you will find all necessary books. She can help you to go thorough the book and teach your her native language.If her English is very limited you would need some translation softwear or device: Babylon, Russian Language Teachers & Talking Translators.

20. Teach her how to drive a car, remember 90% of Russian women have never sat behind the wheel, must less drive. If your fiancé has limited English vocabulary, before you start your first driving lesson I would recommend you to learn several Russian words a) stop , b) turn right, c) turn left, d) slow down, e) speed up a little. Remember she is concentrating very hard on driving and might not recognize English words.

21. After she gets her drivers license, you will have to be very patient explaining and helping her with directions, remember: she probably sat in the back seat of a taxi or was taking the bus or subway most of her life

22. Teach her the American banking system, how to write a check, make a deposits, the drive through, and all about how our banking system works, this is a new world for her.

23. Be caring and patient. Don't be upset if she didn't understand something or can't remember things you have already told her about. Instead of exclaiming: "I have told you this 100 times!"- Tell her: "Darling, let me explain you this in details. If you can't memorize this from the first time, take your notebook and write it down".

24. Buy this book. It will save you a lot of time and money: Welcome to America: The Complete Guide for Immigrants.

25. Do not say anything that might offend her, her friends or her country. Remember: at this period of her adjustment to a new life she is very sensitive and even jokes can hurt her feelings.

26. When you fill out her BCIS documents after marriage, send in the I-131 for travel. After she has been here for a year, buy her ticket go home for a visit. Go with her if you can. I think that it is worth the money and only brings happiness for both. If you shop around on the Internet you can fly very reasonably: Travelation.com, EconomyTravel; and don't forget about visa VisaHQ.

Good luck on you relationship with your Russian sweetheart!

Russian wife's husband


Mrs. Olga Sapp, Your article on long distance phone calls has literally saved me thousands of hard earned dollars. My soon to be wife Aliona lives in Minsk, Belarus. I tried all the calling cards and Nobelcom seemed to be the best at around .35 cents / min.

I only wish I had known about Skype erlier... It turned out to be cheaper for me to pay for Aliona's ADSL internet at $40/ mo. and talk unlimited FOR FREE, yes FREE, Skype to Skype! We can call each other's mobile phones at .28 cents / min. And she gets to have high speed internet as a bonus! We can also sms each other, which is impossible with traditional telecom providers. Also, she will talk to her family using the Skype webcam when she arrives to Minnesota in a month. Thank you so much for your article Olga!! We are truely in debt to you!

Happiest Readers,
-James & Aliona Buresh-




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